Special Committee Meeting

Council Chambers
City Hall - 200 McIntyre Street East, North Bay, ON

Councillor Horsfield
Vice-Chair: Councillor Inch

Report from Melinda Fry and Drew Poeta dated April 25, 2024 re User Fees - Pickleball Courts and Transit Fares

Councillor Mallah
Vice-Chair: Councillor King

CS 2024-04
Report from Adam Curran dated April 11, 2024 re: amendment to Zoning By-Law 2015-30 to amend the current Residential Sixth Density (R6) zone to include duplexes and triplexes

CS 2024-05
Report from Peter Carello dated May 2, 2024 re: Proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment and Draft Plan of Condominium - Highland Woods Developments Inc. - Golf Club Road (Unaddressed)

Councillor Mitchell
Vice Chair: Councillor Mayne