Committee Meeting of Council Minutes

Electronic Participation via Zoom
Members Present:
  • Mayor Al McDonald,
  • Councillor Tanya Vrebosch,
  • Councillor Brousseau,
  • Councillor Mayne,
  • Councillor Bill Vrebosch,
  • Councillor King,
  • Councillor Robertson,
  • Councillor Bain,
  • Councillor Mendicino,
  • Councillor Tignanelli,
  • and Councillor Maroosis

Councillor Johanne Brousseau
Vice-Chair: Councillor Scott Robertson

CS-2018-13 Report from Erin Vaughan dated November 4, 2018 re 2018 Summer in the Park Summary 

Direction: Committee Report be brought forward to Council on February 23, 2021.

CS-2001-35 Rezoning Application by Consolidated Homes Ltd. - Golf Club Road

CS-2017-13 Report from Beverley Hillier dated April 6, 2017 re North Bay Official Plan Review

CS-2019-16 Report from John Severino and Ian Kilgour dated December 3, 2019 re Community and Recreation Centre Update

CS-2020-04 Rezoning Application by Shortt Acquisitions Inc. on behalf of 2453454 Ontario Limited - 111 Cartier Street

CS-2020-11 Zoning By-Law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision application by Antech Design and Engineering on behalf of Millford Development Limited and New Era Homes Limited - Ski Club Road (unaddressed) and an adjacent lot

CS-2021-01 Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision by Miller & Urso Surveying Inc. on behalf of Highland Woods Developments Inc. and Jograh Investments Ltd. - 771 Golf Club Road

CS-2021-02 Proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment by Robert Collins - 1410 Cassells Street

CS-2021-03 Proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment by Miller & Urso Surveying Inc. on behalf of 9200-8069 Quebec Inc. - Station Road (unaddressed)

Chair: Councillor Chris Mayne
Vice Chair: Councillor Mark King

No Items Dealt With.

EW-2010-03 Report from A. Korell and J. Houston dated March 26, 2010 re Kate Pace Way west end bike route connection between Memorial Drive and Gormanville Road

EW-2018-01 Report from Megan Rochefort dated June 5, 2018 re Algonquin Avenue Traffic Study

Chair: Councillor Tanya Vrebosch
Vice-Chair: Councillor Bill Vrebosch

No Items Dealt With.

Committee Meeting of Council adjourned at 6:38 p.m.

GG-2019-06 Motion re Smoking By-Law 2019-45.

GG-2020-02 Report from Shannon Saucier dated August 18, 2020 re 2021 Budget Schedule.

GG-2020-09 Report from Shannon Saucier dated November 13, 2020 re 2021 Capital General Budget and 2021 Water and Wastewater Capital Budget with the 2022-2030 Capital Forecast Plan.

GG-2020-10 Report from Margaret Karpenko dated November 13, 2020 re 2021 General Operating Budget.


  1. August 26, 2013 Exotic Animals
  2. July 2, 2014 Annual Update for Residential Rental Housing By-Law (annually in the Fall).
  3. August 24, 2015 Waterfront Accessibility (report no later than April 2016)
  4. January 15, 2019 Motion re: Casino Proceeds
  5. March 26, 2019 Motion re: Nuisance Party By-law
  6. June 4, 2019 Motion re: Climate Change
  7. November 19, 2019 Growth Community Improvement Plan Update - Dec 2021
  8. March 10, 2020 Motion re: Municipal Naming and Sponsorship Naming Rights Policy